Sunday, June 7, 2009

Welcome to Hatewatchers

Hello devoted (well, I hope you become devoted) readers! Welcome back to my blog, Hatewatchers. The URL has changed due to migration from WordPress to Blogger, but yours truly is still gonna bring you the realness. You can still view my previous blog entries at, but please start following this new iteration going forward.

For those of you that have never heard of the term hatewatchers and hatewatching, let me break it down. As a female, A LOT of hate is directed towards me from other females. This is sad because as you already know, females do not wield any real power in the world. Oh yea, sure, I can apply to the very same cubicle-based jobs as men and even get hired for those jobs. And yes, I can vote. And in some states, marry another female. And in other states even, gasp...have the right to choose to have an abortion. Okay, did I scare you away yet? Just keep reading. Anyways, I will admit women have come a long way (just like Virginia Slims tells me!) since back in the day, but we still lag behind in many areas when compared to the lives that men lead.

For example, women are still not paid dollar-for-dollar what men are paid for doing the same jobs. We still get treated like second-class citizens in many subliminal ways as well...and MOSTLY BY OTHER WOMEN. This is where hatewatching comes in. Instead of spending our valuable time relaxing, studying, hanging out with fam and friends, etc., some of us engage in the act of hating. Now, by hating, I don't mean people hate me and wish I would die. I mean women"hate" on me...i.e., treat me badly and say ignorant things to me because they hate their own lives, are jealous of my confidence, had a bad day, etc.

Women, we hold ourselves back when we hate on one another. That's why I've created the idea of hatewatching so we could (okay, I, could) keep us in check and report on all types of hate-based incidents my friends and I have experienced, i.e., I am hatewatching. I also wanted to begin writing again, because since I've become a parent, I've experienced new and even stranger forms of hate and need a constructive outlet to vent.

So, be careful who and how you hate, because I may be there to spill the beans!


  1. You know you are 100% right about the hate coming from other women. I never put a name to it before... but I noticed it most after getting pregnant. Other moms seemed to get a light in their eyes and delight in telling me how horrible things could/would be for me when labor hit. If I went out men would hold the door or even offer seats sometimes if I was having problems and other women would sneer... and JESUS the unwanted advice... sometimes I think people cannot help themselves. Where the "f" does that come from?

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