Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Very Niiice!

Dear Loyal and Newbie Hatewatchers,

Your feedback — positive and negative — inspires and motivates me to keep writing and hatewatching. I wrote my first post "Attack of the Breastfeeding Nazis" because I was pissed off and wanted to vent constructively instead of keying up someone's car. So, I decided to restart my Hatewatchers blog (previously on WordPress now on Blogger) so I could get all my feelings down on paper (screen?). I never expected the breastfeeding post to go anywhere beyond serving as my sounding board. Instead, I've received much love and support from friends, fam and my online community.

Last year I had started the original Hatewatchers blog and didn't really focus on it enough to make it interesting. This year, becoming a mother allowed me to see the world through an alternate set of glasses. Sometimes this is great because I see the good that is out there, but many times, it hurts because I see more bullshit and hate.

Last week, I wrote about inane people commenting on my five-month old's "serious" weight problem and received a flood of encouraging feedback. Thanks for having my back and keeping it real.

I'd love to hear from you...got ideas, criticisms, suggestions? Holla at me.

Ms. Hatewatcher