Wednesday, May 26, 2010

There's No Such Thing as a Free Facebook

My relationship with Facebook is definitely a love/hate one. Let me clarify. It's not FB I have a problem with ... it's the people who use it.

I'm convinced that the majority of the FB population is one brain cell away from Paris Hilton's level of non-intelligence. Oh wait, that's so not "hot" now. My bad. Okay, one brain cell away from [insert latest halfwit starlet here]. What has me so convinced? The issue of privacy. Apparently, FB is an evil empire that's sole mission is to invade your privacy and use you and your friends' information to make money. Oh my!

Hey idiots, guess what? FB is a company that is intent on making a profit. FB is NOT your friend. Nor does it owe you anything. So, if you don't like having your privacy invaded you have two options. Adjust the privacy settings on your FB account. Or, heavens to Betsy, don't belong to FB! It doesn't seem complicated to me.

Now what really gets me riled up is that some of the same assclowns whining about having their privacy violated are the same TMI idiots that disclose each and every facet of their lives on every social media network in the galaxy. They're checking in there. They're buying that. They're friending her and him. They're writing on walls. They're announcing engagements, deaths and divorces. They're putting coworkers on blast.  (Ooh, I do love when people put coworkers on blast though. Especially when the right person does it, like my girl LS, who is not one of these assclowns I speak about.)

Check out this douchebag. He will delete his FB account only if 10,000 others sign up to do so as well. Hmm, okay. Call me crazy, but isn't it more private for Josh Levy to quietly delete his FB account and go on with life? Guess I'm wrong. It's much more private to create a movement around it and gain attention from strangers.

Sorry FBers, but you made your own virtual bed. Now you gotta lie in it. (Make sure you update your statuses when you do, though!)